Our Property Taxes are too damn high!  What can we do?


I have received this call from several of my clients over the past few days.  They have reached out with questions about their 2017 property taxes and how to protest their rising values.

With our red hot market these past few years property values are being pushed up at record rates and so are our taxes.

The big question everyone asks is, What can be done?

Here are 2 things you can do.

#1 Make sure you have filed for your Homestead Exemption!  If you have already done this then proceed to #2. If not please continue reading.

You only have to file your exemption one time and it’s good while you own your home.  You must file the exemption because any current exemption(s) from the previous owner will expire. Without this exemption you will pay a higher property tax so don’t pass up this savings.

You are allowed to file for your homestead exemption before April 30th of a calendar year.

It’s simple, complete the application online using the link below and follow the directions in blue at the bottom of the page.  You will need to have a copy of your driver’s license, the temporary version is acceptable, showing your new address.


Here’s an additional link with an overview of possible exemptions.


#2  Protest your tax value! If you have time you can do this yourself.  Or you can hire a company to do it for you.  You have until 5/31/2017 to file your protest.

Here’s a great article by Dave Lieber, writer with The Dallas Morning News, where he says you need to file an appeal no matter what.


Here is the newest link (as of 5/11/17)  from the Appraisal District on protesting your taxes.  There is a video you can watch.


Go to your personal DCAD page with the ufile link and more information regarding your account.

On a personal note, we found that the Appraisal District had the wrong lot size for our home. We hadn’t caught this error in previous years but this correction will help save us some money.

I’ve also heard to look at the values on DCAD of your neighbors’ homes.  If your home is similar in size and condition and their tax value is lower you can use that as evidence.

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