Why Alan

Buying or selling your home is a major decision – not the kind most people make every day.  So, how can you succeed in so big a task if you can’t rely on your own track record or knowledge in real estate?

Simple. Find someone you can trust to guide you through the process.

Financial Guru, Dave Ramsey, has a philosophy about the “heart of a teacher”.  He must have been talking about Alan when he says, “When getting help with money, whether it’s insurance, real estate, or investments, always look for someone with the heart of a teacher, not the heart of a salesman”.

While Alan’s two-plus decades of experience in real estate includes more than 900 transactions, it’s his passion for helping people through the home buying and selling process that keeps him excited about working in the Dallas real estate market.

Whether he’s helping a 70-year-old grandmother buy her first home or helping clients sell their homes and exceeding their expectations so well that they can’t stop raving about what a great job he did, Alan is passionate about this business. It’s given him the perfect platform for educating and helping people as they go through a financially critical experience – and win.

Your Interests Always Come First

When you choose Alan Smith, the 2020 Recipient, Metrotex Association of REALTORS®, REALTOR® of the Year, you don’t just put one of the most successful REALTORS® in Dallas, TX to work for you – you also get the benefit of his simple Buyer, Seller and Probate plans, decades of experience, continuing education, and local connections. There’s a reason Alan has set records for home sales in Dallas – he works hard to learn all he can about every aspect of real estate brokerage.

Here are just a few ways he keeps his edge, stays connected, and keeps informed about what’s going on in Dallas:

If the most important quality of a piece of real estate is location, the most important quality in your REALTOR® is connection. If there’s anything you might need to help your move to, from, or within Dallas, Alan will do his best to help you.

It’s not all work for Alan, though. He’s the proud doodle-father to Claire an enthusiastic Aussiedoodle along with his partner Scott who have made the Lakewood area of Dallas their home since 1994.  Over the past several years, he’s studied Spanish and Improv Comedy, and he’s given of his time and money to help make Dallas an even better place to live.

Just a couple of ways he’s done this:

Caring for Your Community

There’s a reason Alan does more than seven times the transactions of the national average – he works hard for his clients, studies hard to stay informed, and devotes himself to the people he cares about most. His clients know they are included in that category and rely on his expertise as they go through the process of buying or selling their homes.

Alan specializes in Dallas’ most popular in-town neighborhoods, including Lakewood, East Dallas, M Streets, Swiss Avenue Historic District, Historic Junius and Munger Heights, Hollywood Heights, Northeast Dallas, Lake Highlands, and Casa Linda.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in one of Dallas’ in-town neighborhoods, you can trust Alan for outstanding service and results.