This is a follow up from my earlier email regarding your property taxes.

You MUST U-file by this date or you will have to wait until next year.

Current assessed values are by law based on the condition of your home midnight December 31, 2020. If you had damage due to the freeze in February that would not be reflected on your current value because it occurred after the Assessment Date.

Many assessments have gone up due to the hot real estate market and increasing home values in all markets but also due to an increase in the land value of your property.  Land values are very difficult to argue because most land doesn’t devalue.

I believe that the current system used by DCAD (Dallas Central Appraisal District) and the surrounding appraisal districts make for a difficult and some say unfair process for a property owner protesting their tax value.  Gone are the simple days where a property owner could take some comps of what sold in the neighborhood and go down to the appraisal district to protest their value. 

So what is a property owner to do? 

#1 File your Dallas County Homestead Exemption, CLICK HERE  

#2 Find professional help when protesting

#3 Vote 

Just like commercial and higher worth property owners have been doing for years in hiring attorneys or companies to fight their values there are affordable options that exist for the average property owner. 

One such option is propertytax.io  I heard Glenn Goodrich, owner, speak at a real estate discussion on property tax values.  His company has been featured in the press, news and online because of it’s high-tech approach in helping property owners protest their property value.  

Check out propertytax.io and do the free evaluation to see if it’s worth filing a protest. There are different packages for property owners depending on their needs.  I believe this is the way of the future for owners looking to protest their property values. 

Another option is Rob Wheelock of Property Tax Managers Rob@propertytaxmanagers.com  He has spoken to our office and gave the following tips: 

#1 Effectively protest with facts not emotions.  Don’t say our taxes are too high because the appraisal district only set your assessed value not your tax rate.  Cities, counties, school districts etc set tax rates.

#2 Don’t pic the lowest comparables in your neighborhood.  If you can’t provide evidence that your home is in similar or worse condition to these comparables those comparables will not be used.

#3 It is unlikely there will be in-person review boards to dispute your value this year.  So photo evidence and a short narrative will be important.

#4 Provide evidence.  Take pictures of your home’s problems and provide a concise narrative to go along with the pictures.  And get bids if possible.  For example, if you have foundation problems show photo evidence with details and a bid from a foundation company.

I hope this information is helpful.

If you have successfully used another company or person in protesting your tax value, I would love to hear from you.


P.S. If you know someone who would benefit from this information please feel free to pass it along.